Sanctuary Signature & Highball ‘tails

modern twists and classic ‘tails worth retelling

The Bourbon Berry

raspberry infused bourbon with lemon juice, sweet basil

“I. I. Sir”: The Irish Italian

jameson, Italian aperitif, lemon

A Sonic Screwdriver

cuke vodka, blue curacao, citrus

Sterling Sparrow

dry gin, grain vodka, a bit o’ quinine

The Café Sanctuary

orange, cocoa, kahlua, café del sol

The Copper Cup

any house spirit, lime, ginger


classic Latin ‘tail with African twists

Bee’s Knee’s

cuke gin & sweet honeyed lemon

Our Blessed Cup

pimm’s, mint, ginger, citrus party

“Muy Sabroso!”

savory tequila with a citrus chill


cupid’s bitter-sweet love poem

Classic Styled ‘Tails

The Saddlebag

cognac, dry curacao, lemon

A Rusty Nail

add Drambuie to any scotch


tequila pomegranate cosmopolitan

The Old Pal’s Gal

a bold & beautiful boulevardier

Black Russian Lass

grain vodka, coffee, cola, irish stout

Perfect Manhattan

rye flanked by sweet & blanc wines

Basil’s Royal Gimlet

cuke gin, lime juice, sweet basil

Gourd of Krypton

melon & strawberry bourbon sour

2 Gin Negroni

classic bitter ‘tail made with 2 gins


a refreshing mint brandy