Pub Grub

The Little Nut Hut

~always available~warm curry cashews or smoked almonds 4.5

House Pickle Platter

house pickled ham, jalapeno, onion, carrot, beet & eggs 7

Baked Brie

honeyed apple gastrique drizzle with apple slices & crostini 9
(GF on request)

Roasted Cauliflower

cooked in garlic confit served with mild harrissa coulis 8
(GF ~ Vegan)

Welsh Rarebit

toasted crostini topped with a savoury cheddar ale sauce
Three~6 or Six~8

Fresh Baked Garlic Herb Bread

soft, buttered baguette, melted mozzarella
served with marinara 6.5

Coq au Vin

pan roasted chicken with carrots, celery, red pepper & onion served over mashed potatoes 11

Shepherd’s Pie

Pavelka’s grilled lamb cooked with carrots, celery & onions in a Guinness stout broth topped with mashed potatoes 12.5

Chicken Pot Pie

grilled chicken in a creamy gravy with carrots, potatoes & peas topped with puff pastry 10

Kipling’s Rice Bowl

cauliflower, carrot, onion, pepper,rice & choice of spice 9 (GF) add chicken for an additional 2
mild:  Harissa Coulis            medium: Yellow Curry        hot:  Tikka Masala

Meat & Cheese Boards

any two~14

all four~22


Gran Valle de Montecelo Manchego

Local Iowa Cheddar


La Quercia Prosciutto

Locally sourced House Salami

decorated with cornichons, capers, house olives, pickled vegetables, meats, eggs,
balsamic reduction, caper remoulade and spicy mustards


Add chicken to any salad for an additional 3.

House Made Dressings

balsamic vinaigrette, blue cheese, ranch, caesar, french, & 1000 island

Green Salad

mixed greens, carrots, red onion, tomato, egg & croutons 5 (GF on request)

Cobb Salad

mixed greens layered with grilled chicken, shrimp, avocado, black olives applewood bacon, tomato, cheddar & blue cheese crumble 12 (GF)

Caesar Salad

chopped romaine lettuce, egg, parmesan, gran valle manchego & croutons all tossed with caesar dressing 9 (GF on request)


all sandwiches include a side of kettle chips. substitute a cup of soup or side salad 2

Lamb & Gruyere

slider patties with lettuce, tomato & remoulade One~5  Two~9

Grilled Gouda

caramelized mushrooms & onions with gouda cheese on sourdough 9

Ham & Fontina Melt

Black Forest ham and fontina cheese on sourdough bread 10

Grilled Chicken Breast

seasoned chicken, applewood bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar served with BBQ sauce 10


prosciutto, seasoned pork, cheddar, remoulade, cuban mustard on sourdough 10

Pesto Melt

fresh basil pesto and mozzarella with tomato & balsamic on sourdough 9

Ham & Fontina Melt

black forest ham & fontina cheese on sourdough bread 10

Pub Burger

seasoned beef patty with lettuce, tomato, pickle on a sesame seed bun 10

add applewood bacon, cheddar, fontina, or blue cheeses for 1 each.add a burger patty for 3


served on our made from scratch dough!

Sanctuary’s Specialty Pizza

10”~14   12”~17   14”~21


tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomato finished with fresh basil.


cuban mustard sauce, la quercia prosciutto, black forest ham, cheddar, pickles

Tikka Masala

masala sauce, fontina, carrot, cauliflower, onion, red pepper, pineapple


basil pesto sauce, fontina, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, green pepper, tomato


tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, broccoli, black olives, mushrooms, onions


tomato sauce, mozzarella, fontina, pepperoni, seasoned sausage, prosciutto, salami, banana peppers & balsamic drizzle


tomato sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, seasoned ground beef, jalapeno, onion, pickles, cuban mustard

Sanctuary Special

tomato sauce, mozzarella, seasoned sausage, canadian bacon, pepperoni, onion, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives

Create Your Own Pizza

10” 12” 14”

Mozzarella on tomato sauce (sub basil pesto +1.50)

10.00      14.00   17.00

Traditional toppings

seasoned sausage, pepperoni, canadian bacon, seasoned ground beef, black olives, green olives, sliced or diced tomato, mushroom, green bell pepper, onion, red onion, spinach, pineapple, jalapenos, broccoli

+1.50        1.75      2.00

Specialty toppings

asiago, bleu, cheddar, feta, fontina cheeses, artichoke, sun-dried tomato, roasted red bell peppers, banana peppers, seasoned pork, chicken, salami

+1.75        2.25      2.50